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Green – Nature’s Own Smile


Even ballads are not enough to properly describe the beauty of the color green, which is nature’s own personal favorite. Every color is inspired by nature, but it won’t be much of an exaggeration to say that green dominates primarily. But that is not all. Green has also been associated with balance and harmony by major cultures of the world, and is also linked to security, wealth and growth. It is also the go-to color for any product that wants to exhibit itself as pro-nature, eco-friendly, organic or healthy, and that’s where the color is most utilized in the market. It is one of the most effective color when it comes to influencing people.

Application in Plastics

Well, different shades of green mean slightly different things, REPIN Masterbatches observes. As a leading masterbatches producer from India specializing in color masterbatches, REPIN remarks that green color masterbatches are used in packaging of nutritious foods, medicines, health products and cosmetics. The pro-nature and environment friendly undertone dominates here, as mentioned above. Green is also used to display professional quality, although darker shades are utilized for this effect. Green is a color that cannot be restricted to a particular niche, as it is used in a majority of plastic colors, being one of the primary colors.

You can get any shade and quantity of green color masterbatches with whatever additive property you desire (anti-microbial, flame-retardant, food-grade etc.) from REPIN Masterbatches. Our spectrophotometer helps accurately pinpoint any shade you require, and our superior R&D ensures you only receive high-quality masterbatches.

To know more or have a look at our color guide.

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