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If the general population of the whole world were to be asked a question, “Which color do you think should be universally associated with happiness?” there is no doubt that the majority of the world would instantly say ‘Yellow!’ This is not hearsay, but rather based on an actual survey (not on a global basis, but close). So, what gives the color yellow this power to instantly delight anyone who lays eyes upon it? Well, look at it this way. Yellow is the color of the sun, and sunlight. Yellow is associated with spring. Yellow is the color of smiley faces! Yellow, thus is used by advertisers and marketers to evoke a sense of happiness and draw attention.

Use in Plastic Products

REPIN Masterbatches, the leading masterbatch manufacturer from India, observes that yellow color masterbatches are used mostly in packaging, construction equipment, bottles (both PET and cosmetic) as well as baby products and toys. Apart from these major niches, the color yellow is available in almost any range of products, which makes it one of the most sought after color masterbatch. Yellow evokes originality and uplifts the spirits, and is mentally stimulating, which is why yellow products are bought more often, and attract customers towards them.

REPIN Masterbatches can help you with whatever quantity of color masterbatches you require, as orders for this particular masterbatches tend to be bulky. Our spectrophotometer can help you match whatever shade you ask for with laser-like accuracy.

To know more or want to have a look at our color guide.

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