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Our Products

REPIN Masterbatches is renowned both nationally and internationally as a leader in various types of Masterbatches. Our products are hailed as the best by many of our reputed customers. Our unparalleled quality in products springs from years of expertise and superior Research and Development.

UV Masterbatches

Exposure to the sun’s Ultra-violet (UV) rays rapidly degrades plastics, ruining their aesthetics and destabilizing them. REPIN Masterbatches‘ range of UV Masterbatches effectively stabilize polyolefins, reinforcing your plastics so that they retain their look and stay strong, even in the harshest sunlight.

Frame 415


  • Improved stabilization
  • Gives long life and superior strength
  • Prevents discoloration
  • Avoids crazing
  • Prevents loss of gloss
  • Helps retain the strength, stiffness and flexibility of the product


  • Jumbo bags
  • Irrigation films
  • Rotomoulding items
  • FMCG packaging
  • Greenhouse
  • Food grade applications
  • Tarpoulin
  • Synthetic fibers: PP, PET & Nylon
  • PE shrink films

Product Line

The creatives related to UV Masterbatches can be viewed on our product line.



Medical Instruments

Roto Moulded
PP tapes/ FIBC
Food Grade product for PP tapes/FIBC
Content Protection for FMCG Packaging
Low GSM PP tapes/FIBC
PE Shrink Films
UV+White for PP tapes/FIBC
Tinted Grade for PP tapes/FIBC
Pesticide resistant UV for Greenhouse Films
For Medical Instruments to prevent
Degradation while Sterilization
Roto-moulded tanks HDPE/LDPE articles
Suitable for Styrenic applications
ABS/SAN articles

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