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The spectrum of our capabilities extends across various industries. This helps us to realise new opportunities through cross-market innovations.


We design masterbatches and compounds for the end-use requirements of the Automotive and Transportation market. Tailored to the end-use requirements, REPIN’s masterbatches and PVC and TPE compounds provide value and performance.


Automotive Interior

The Automotive and Transportation markets have become more global, opening a new world of opportunities for suppliers and manufacturers. We specialise in colouring technology that promotes in-vehicle harmony across a variety of materials and manufacturing processes.


Automotive Exterior

Vehicle exteriors demand a lot from their materials, be it strong sunlight to the road or car wash chemicals. REPIN’s TPE and PVC compounds can be relied on to stand the harsh environment.



For structural performance, noise reduction, or aesthetics that you’re looking to achieve in your product, REPIN Masterbatches has the right polymer solution for large truck and rail applications. Our products can be used in injection molding and sheet, as well as profile extrusion. We provide durable custom compounds with UV stabilization, fibre reinforcement, internal lubrication, and flame retardant additives.


Custom Manufacturing

We provide customers with solutions to their development and manufacturing challenges through industry-leading formulation, processing, and testing expertise. REPIN’s industry-leading knowledge and technology expertise can provide capacity support to existing products or to bring new concepts to full-scale production.

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