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The spectrum of our capabilities extends across various industries. This helps us to realise new opportunities through cross-market innovations.


REPIN’S solutions allow our customers to have optimal product aesthetics and performance. Our innovative design & testing ensures the lowest cost of color.



Our Masterbatch solutions are designed to meet the specialised requirements of the bottle industry. Our custom Colours and Additive Masterbatches help customers achieve faster speed to market and improve manufacturing efficiencies.


Milk & Dairy​

REPIN Masterbatches has developed solutions for monolayer and multi-layer applications in the milk and dairy industry. Our milk application gives long and extended shelf life to its content.


Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals​

Our transparent and opaque offerings support critical Pharma and Nutraceutical applications, REPIN uses industry-leading pigment and UV technology to meet customer needs in many color spaces.


Custom Manufacturing

We are committed to developing polymeric solutions for our customers that face an array of challenges during their manufacturing processes. REPIN’s industry-leading knowledge and technology expertise can provide capacity support to existing products or to bring new concepts to full-scale production.

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