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The spectrum of our capabilities extends across various industries. This helps us to realise new opportunities through cross-market innovations.


We enable our partners to capture innovative solutions for all type of fibers based on enhanced aesthetics and functionality.



REPIN delivers expertise in form and function for synthetic fibers through our extensive product application knowledge. We enable our partners to capture innovative solutions based on enhanced aesthetics and functionality. REPIN’s Value Add for the Nonwoven Fiber’s industry is our superior dispersion technology that translates into fewer pack changes and higher yields.



REPIN has been recognized as the market leader in color and additive technology supporting the carpet industry for more than one and a half decade. The demands for modern floor covering systems have evolved driving increased emphasis on UV protection, Soil resistance, Stain repellency and Durability.



REPIN is the leading supplier to the Textile industry, providing enhanced property modification for all types of textile fibers. Our custom colors, single pigment dispersions, and additive masterbatches help customers achieve faster speed to market and improve manufacturing efficiencies.


Other Woven Materials

REPIN spans the breadth of the universe of woven fiber structures, ranging from awnings to erosion control to pavement interlayers. Our masterbatch for woven materials improves the efficiencies of our customers’ products as well as enhances performance in colour, stability, and processing.

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