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The spectrum of our capabilities extends across various industries. This helps us to realize new opportunities through cross-market innovations.


REPIN Masterbatches is renowned for thermoplastic solutions for the Electronics market. Our extensive list of base resins, reinforcements, fillers and special additive packages can help you find the optimal formulation to meet your design goals. We can custom colour our formulations to enhance your brand identity while protecting your products.


Consumer Appliances

REPIN has a wide variety of colors and additives that make your home appliances look and perform better. Our specialty compounds for the consumer appliance market deliver on performance, aesthetics, and reliability. We make your product solutions stand out with a form, fit, and function in an industry focused on fast-moving trends. Our solutions for the segment comply with national and international standards.


Business Equipment

The Business Equipment industry has grown many folds over the last couple of decades, opening a wide range of opportunities for suppliers and manufacturers. The growth opportunities lie in finding suppliers that can provide quality and consistency regardless of where the products are manufactured. We have placed an emphasis on developing compounds for business equipment that yield consistent results.

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