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Get the Perfect Color for Your Plastic Products

Get the Perfect Color for Your Plastic Products If you are injection molding plastics processor, one problem you might face is that the color of your molded items fades over time. This can be a big issue, especially if you are selling these items to customers who expect them to keep their color for a […]

Green – Nature’s Own Smile

Green – Nature’s Own Smile Introduction Even ballads are not enough to properly describe the beauty of the color green, which is nature’s own personal favorite. Every color is inspired by nature, but it won’t be much of an exaggeration to say that green dominates primarily. But that is not all. Green has also been […]

Color – Where Soul and Eyes Meet

Color – Where Soul and Eyes Meet Color is all around us. But even though we are surrounded by color, or rather as a consequence of it, we sometimes don’t pay heed to the importance and influence of colors on our life. But that doesn’t mean that colors don’t play a part in our life, […]

Yellow – The Color of Happiness

Color – Where Soul and Eyes Meet Introduction If the general population of the whole world were to be asked a question, “Which color do you think should be universally associated with happiness?” there is no doubt that the majority of the world would instantly say ‘Yellow!’ This is not hearsay, but rather based on […]

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