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Get the Perfect Color for Your Plastic Products

Get the Perfect Color for Your Plastic Products If you are injection molding plastics processor, one problem you might face is that the color of your molded items fades over time. This can be a big issue, especially if you are selling these items to customers who expect them to keep their color for a long time. One solution to this problem is to use our high light fastness masterbatches. These masterbatches are specifically designed to keep colors bright and vivid, even when exposed to high levels of light. In addition to using high quality materials, we also create all our products keeping you in consideration. We know that injection molding can be a tough business, and we want to make your life as easy as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about our high light fastness masterbatches or any of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us or fix a meeting. We would be more than happy to discuss how we can help you with your injection molding needs. All Posts

Green – Nature’s Own Smile

Green – Nature’s Own Smile Introduction Even ballads are not enough to properly describe the beauty of the color green, which is nature’s own personal favorite. Every color is inspired by nature, but it won’t be much of an exaggeration to say that green dominates primarily. But that is not all. Green has also been associated with balance and harmony by major cultures of the world, and is also linked to security, wealth and growth. It is also the go-to color for any product that wants to exhibit itself as pro-nature, eco-friendly, organic or healthy, and that’s where the color is most utilized in the market. It is one of the most effective color when it comes to influencing people. Application in Plastics Well, different shades of green mean slightly different things, REPIN Masterbatches observes. As a leading masterbatches producer from India specializing in color masterbatches, REPIN remarks that green color masterbatches are used in packaging of nutritious foods, medicines, health products and cosmetics. The pro-nature and environment friendly undertone dominates here, as mentioned above. Green is also used to display professional quality, although darker shades are utilized for this effect. Green is a color that cannot be restricted to a particular niche, as it is used in a majority of plastic colors, being one of the primary colors. You can get any shade and quantity of green color masterbatches with whatever additive property you desire (anti-microbial, flame-retardant, food-grade etc.) from REPIN Masterbatches. Our spectrophotometer helps accurately pinpoint any shade you require, and our superior R&D ensures you only receive high-quality masterbatches. To know more or have a look at our color guide. All Posts

Color – Where Soul and Eyes Meet

Color – Where Soul and Eyes Meet Color is all around us. But even though we are surrounded by color, or rather as a consequence of it, we sometimes don’t pay heed to the importance and influence of colors on our life. But that doesn’t mean that colors don’t play a part in our life, or that they don’t sub-consciously hold power over us. Don’t believe me? Think of a traffic light. The red makes you stop in your tracks, and the green makes you whizz by. Colors also affect out mood and mind-set, certain colors like yellow signify happiness and activity, while others like grey signify coldness, strength and gloom. No color is bad, or good, it’s just that each has its own role to play in our lives. But what gives colors this awesome power? Perhaps it’s because our ability to visualize is the most strongest of all senses, and one that holds sway over us the most. Can you imagine a life without colors? Expression would cease to exist without colors, and the world would be a very drab place indeed. Nature is our first and foremost inspiration when it comes to colors, and we can all agree that there is no better artist nor designer than nature. REPIN Masterbatches understood the potential of colors early on, and as a leading masterbatches producer of color masterbatches, we have developed our color palette, focusing on colors as a bridge between the soul and the eyes. Our palette, inspired by nature, offers colors from a wide color spectrum based on our customer’s personalized needs. All Posts

Yellow – The Color of Happiness

Color – Where Soul and Eyes Meet Introduction If the general population of the whole world were to be asked a question, “Which color do you think should be universally associated with happiness?” there is no doubt that the majority of the world would instantly say ‘Yellow!’ This is not hearsay, but rather based on an actual survey (not on a global basis, but close). So, what gives the color yellow this power to instantly delight anyone who lays eyes upon it? Well, look at it this way. Yellow is the color of the sun, and sunlight. Yellow is associated with spring. Yellow is the color of smiley faces! Yellow, thus is used by advertisers and marketers to evoke a sense of happiness and draw attention. Use in Plastic Products REPIN Masterbatches, the leading masterbatch manufacturer from India, observes that yellow color masterbatches are used mostly in packaging, construction equipment, bottles (both PET and cosmetic) as well as baby products and toys. Apart from these major niches, the color yellow is available in almost any range of products, which makes it one of the most sought after color masterbatch. Yellow evokes originality and uplifts the spirits, and is mentally stimulating, which is why yellow products are bought more often, and attract customers towards them. REPIN Masterbatches can help you with whatever quantity of color masterbatches you require, as orders for this particular masterbatches tend to be bulky. Our spectrophotometer can help you match whatever shade you ask for with laser-like accuracy. To know more or want to have a look at our color guide. All Posts

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