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The spectrum of our capabilities extends across various industries. This helps us to realize new opportunities through cross-market innovations.

Building & Construction

REPIN’s colour and additive solutions are apt for the requirements of the building & construction-related products industry. Our inhouse experts ensure you get full customization that will meet your end market performance requirements.



REPIN offers solutions that help replace costly and high-maintenance roofing materials. We offer full-colour masterbatch and slate-like streak effects in the roll and injection moulded roof markets. The advantages of our solutions are Lightweight and durable, Energy-efficient (even in dark colours), Distinctive effects: antique, weathered or vibrant colours. Eco-friendly processing and recycling.


Window & Door Applications

As the industry leader in extruded profiles, we have extensive experience with high-performance capstocks like PVC, ASA, acrylic and custom blends. Our formulations are designed for excellent weathering, property retention, minimized heat buildup, and valuable attributes that benefit competitive market segments such as Window & Door, Spa Cladding and Trim Board.



Polymeric fencing is one of the fastest-growing sub-segments of the Building and Construction industry. The trends in Fencing today revolve mostly around the aesthetics of darker colours and wood-like appearance. We are offering the most realistic woodgrain appearances consumers can get.



We have developed cost-effective solutions that enable the manufacturing of products with outstanding performance in both extruded and injection moulded applications. In cladding, trends such as darker colours are on the rise, which brings up a growing issue of heat buildup. We have a solution to appeal to aesthetics while also managing heat build properties.



We’ve leveraged our decades of expertise in color masterbatch, additive masterbatch, and compounding to develop customized solutions. This enables us to offer products enhancing PVC weathering for dark colors, Class A fire rating, good scratch performance, elimination of moisture whitening issues (that come with blends) and UV stabilization for superior weatherability.



REPIN has unmatched experience and knowledge in manufacturing products for LED & lighting systems. These speciality materials provide design flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability.



We’ve leveraged our decades of compounding expertise to develop customised solutions to meet the requirements of modern home and commercial applications that demand both connected and wireless technology. Wear resistance (moving parts) and metal-like strength (load-bearing) are inherent in our high-performance engineered compounds.


Solar Panels

We offer a wide variety of products that meet the performance requirements of solar panels and other alternative energy products. From highly durable and weatherable products, non-halogenated flame retardant packages, We have the solution for you.

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