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The spectrum of our capabilities extends across various industries. This helps us to realise new opportunities through cross-market innovations.


We offer a variety of Masterbatches having applications in the agricultural sector. Our products provide more efficient use of farmland with a resultant healthier environment. The benefits result from increased yields, earlier harvests, less reliance on herbicides and pesticides, frost protection and water conservation.


Mulch Films

Our High-Quality Black Masterbatch for thin films application imparts the best opacity for the Mulch Applications. We produce Silver Mulch Films that are extensively used in agricultural and farming for moisture conservation, maintenance of soil structure, weed control, increase in yield and salinity control.


Green House

Our Masterbatches for Greenhouse helps in diffusing and scattering sunlight to prevent direct incident sunlight inside the greenhouse. Our Antifog Masterbatches for Greenhouse prevents the formation of Water Droplets on the inner layer of the Greenhouse film. Our Anti dust Masterbatches for Greenhouse acts as a UV package to control insect and thereby prevent Viral attacks on the crop.


Blue Cover Films for Banana Bags

We produce Masterbatches for Blue Cover Films for enveloping bunches of Bananas. These Banana bags allow faster and more trustworthy harvest, adequate ripening and protect bananas from necrotic burns resulting from direct sun rays impact.


Water Sprinklers & Irrigation Pipes

We manufacture Agricultural Masterbatches and compounds for Water Sprinklers. We supply Agricultural Masterbatches and compounds for Irrigation Pipes.


Anti Block

Our Anti-Block Masterbatches prevents blocking behavior of the film roll during winding and sleeve opening.

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